Managing Conflict and Disagreements

Conflict is part of any dynamic business organisation. It arises because people care and want to do their jobs well. The goal of a manager should be to avoid “win-lose” situations and to ensure productive resolution of conflict. Effectively working through conflict results in stronger working relationships and encourages creative solutions – while handling conflict inappropriately results in damaged relationships and inhibits the expression of valuable opinions.

The Coaching Difference Successful Solutions

Transforming Coaches – We want you to become the best Coach you can be. Everyone has their preferred set of coaching models, ethos and skills, – enough to fill a library, not just a book. So we thought we’d keep it simple and share 3 insights to inspire change in you, and in the people you […]

Covey’s Circles of Influence

In his book “7 Habits of Highly Effective People” Stephen Covey distinguishes between proactive people – who focus on what they can do and can influence – and reactive people who focus their energy on things beyond their control. Knowing how far your circle of influence extends is an important aspect of personal effectiveness.