Effective Feedback


If you want to give feedback that is positive, keeps others on track for successful performance and leaves them feeling motivated to tackle future challenges you can use the following two types of feedback:


  1. Motivational Feedback – This usually starts with WHAT WAS GOOD….
    This helps someone to understand that what he or she is doing that is working well. It reinforces positive behaviours and actions – the more specific the feedback the more likely it is that they will understand and be able to replicate ‘the good stuff’.
  2. Developmental Feedback – This usually starts with WHAT WOULD MAKE IT (EVEN) BETTER….
    This helps someone to understand how to change what is not working well. It contains information on what they did or said (or didn’t do or didn’t say) and what the impact was.  It then offers ideas on how to do that differently in the future. The more specific the feedback, the more likely that the employee will understand and use more productive behaviours.

To read more about effective feedback, with examples and tips – click here to download a PDF version