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Welcome to the DP Learning Zone where you can find a range of resources to support you in your personal development, whether as a leader, manager, coach, mentor or team member. We’ve included a selection of our guides, models, diagnostics, best practice tips and latest thinking so that you can get the best out of people and situations at work.

If this is the first time you have visited our Learning Zone just click on the icon for the category you want to explore and it will list the information currently available for public access. If you have a client access code simply click ‘Client Access’ below and enter your username and password, (contact mailbox@the-dp.co.uk if you need a reminder). You will then have access to additional materials relevant to your programme.

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lz bookshelfBookshelf

Your Programme resources, relevant publications, books and suggested reading

lz media


Links to articles, video clips and TED talks

lz tool and techniques

Tools & Techniques

Guidelines, programme specific templates, diagnostics and good practice tips

lz latest thinking

Latest thinking

A brief digest of current ideas and fresh insights

lz models of learning

Models of Learning

Models, theories and principles to support learning


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